(2) Further thoughts :: The Retreat Strategy

By Ivor Catt

It is difficult to think through the new reality in marriage. Radical feminists and the legal system combined to rule out justice, the rule of law, the interests of the child, etc. They have established that for the next two decades, the ruling criterion will be that of power. This led to the Retreat strategy. The essence of Retreat is that the current standard practice, that of cutting the father off from his children, expropriating him, including all his future assets and earnings, must be made economically unviable. (It already is, but the cost is concealed from view by secrecy etc.) For this to be true, the father threatened with the destruction of his family has to undertake never to earn money on the white economy again. He needs to undertake never to have any contact whatsoever with his children until further legislation enables a wife to petition the family courts to permanently disqualify itself from her family.

The idea that a father who cares for his children must not build up assets is contained within the Retreat strategy. (He may enhance his earning power, but he has to get rid of assets as they accumulate.) What is missing is the further idea that any assets he does build up should be invisible. It appears that we have to set up trusts abroad beyond the reach of the English legal system. This should be relatively easy. Thus, any father who cares for his children, if he is so foolhardy as to buy instead of rent his home, should place it in the possession of the Retreat foundation, registered in a suitable foreign country. We have to investigate how long the arm of our present judges is, in order to ensure that the family’s assets are safe. What we are defending the family against is, for instance, the situation when the mother suffering from Post Natal Depression, or from the menopause, or Munchhausen’s Syndrome, or wants to trade in for a toyboy, buys in sympathy from social workers, lawyers, police etc. This is the point at which the whole family is particularly vulnerable.

Another idea broached by W is that the responsible father must maximise the debts (like hire purchase, mortgage etc.) that his wife is burdened with. The important principle here is that a wife will not sue for divorce if her debts would immediately bankrupt her. That is, it would be useful to organise the wife’s debts such that she has to ensure a steady flow of money from her husband, or she is bankrupted and made homeless. This needs to be further investigated. In principle, it is unnecessary to stick at the limits of the present Retreat strategy, where the wife’s personal assets stand positive or at nil. A father who cares for his children, and so prudently tries to ensure that they will not lose their father, should drive his wife into debt, not guaranteed by him.

There are similarities between the situation in the U.S.A. when hire and fire got out of hand, described in my first book The Catt Concept, see summary in http://www.homeusers.prestel.co.uk/littleton/index.htm, and the present situation. The Catt Concept discusses the appropriate behaviour for an employee under irresponsible management in my industries – computers and microelectronics in the 60’s. The Retreat strategy develops the appropriate response to totally irresponsible lawyers and law-breaking, procedure-breaching judges (who are usually failing barristers dressed up for the day as part time judges) in secret, procedure-breaching courts, supported by irresponsible “Court Welfare Officers” (which CWOs are actually probation officers untrained for the job), gullible police and a media controlled by sexually dysfunctional, power crazy, anti-family radical feminists (who control the training of said CWOs), who together target a wife (and through her her family) at her most vulnerable time.

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