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On the accountability of the secret family court system

“The evaluation strategy for Sure Start local programmes is two-fold – a comprehensive long term, wide ranging national evaluation (which will be completed in July 2008), and evaluations of particular programmes to look at shorter term outcomes for each individual community.”

The above is from the attachment in Whiston’s email to me; from a document produced by Hodge’s “Sure Start” controlling team and forwarded to me by Robert Whiston. Whenever Robert W, or Coe or others talk to their MPS, or are in committee with government – LCD or CAFCASS – they should cite this from Sure Start, and say that there is no reason for it having been avoided all these years by the Family Court System and by CAFCASS. Since Sure Start institutionalises accountability in this way, there is no reason why Family Court judges etc. should not be accountable by the same methods; statistical analysis of the later comparitive death rate etc. of children of divorce who pass through the hands of each judge. Also statistical analysis of outcome (teenage pregnancy, truanting etc.) for children subjected to parentectomy compared with those where contact orders are enforced. Children are the central element in the activity of both Sure Start and the Family Courts. If too high a percentage of the children who pass through the tender hands of Judge Munby later die, or become teenage pregnant, then Judge Munby might even get himself another job without being pushed. Once judges suspected that outcome was statistically significantly worse when they allowed a child to continue to have contact with its divorced father, they would cut off fathers in order to protect their own jobs as judges. As in Surestart, accountability is an accepted feature of virtually every other kind of employment, but not included in any of the roles in our secret family court system.

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UK Fathers – Working Together

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The Two Cultures – Fathers being stigmatised by the family court system as threats to their children

The Two Cultures.

An important synthesis arose from discussion with E on 23dec98.

We begin with the all-important decision as to whether the nest-building urge inheres in the nature of men, or else, as Amneus tends to assert, it is culturally constructed. In his book The Garbage Generation, pub. Primrose 1990, he argues that the weak link in the traditional family is to the father, and that it has to be culturally maintained. For Amneus, matriarchy, where the man has no role in the family, is pre-civilization. The key feature of civilization is that the man is locked into the family. This unleashes the great engine of wealth creation. The married man’s income is 70% more than that of the single man, the single woman and the married woman, all of whom earn the same amount. It is the inculcation of the massive wealth creation of the married father that causes economic takeoff into the much higher standard of living that distinguishes civilization.

Those who have experience of our secret family courts know that a new culture is being nurtured at great expense to the taxpayer. Under this culture, the greatest threat to a child is its own father, who wants access to it in order to sexually molest it and to batter it. A man who is drawn into our family courts experiences deep culture shock. The careful inculcation of the idea that his future lies in marrying, working and providing for and caring for his children is contradicted by a new cultural norm. This new norm asserts that married men usually batter their wives and sexually molest their children.

The original inculcation is however relied on by the courts, which assure themselves that whatever barriers they put between father and child, he will struggle to surmount them in order to fulfil his learned duty under the earlier culture. This contradictory situation survives because of the secrecy of the courts and the censorship of their activities. However, a slow fuse has been lit. The message is leaking out, that our culture now regards a father as a threat to his children, and that his only positive aspect is his cheque book. This is why the marriage rate has collapsed, the remarriage rate has collapsed, and the birthrate has collapsed.

My loyalty is to the present crop of young men, who must be warned about the danger they are in.

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